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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our commonly asked questions, answered.

Are you open Saturdays?

We are currently offering some Saturdays on a case by case basis. This will not be a long term or regular offering, but can help make up sessions or on occasions when your schedule is just a bit too tight during the week.

Do we pick which intervention you use? What if I only want CME?

At your initial assessment, our Physio will see which interventions would best be appropriate for your child. Not all kids are canidates for CME therapy. At Smilestones Therapy is not a "one size fits all", we take a very individualised approach and every child will have a different therapy plan.

Can you see my child that is over age 7?

While this is something we *can* do, I would suggest looking for another Physiotherapist that has more experience in this area. Smilestones Therapy really focuses on Early Intervention, and therefore our therapy would not be best suited for your child, sorry!

Do you accept NDIS participants and funding?

Yes. We currently accept Self and Plan Managed participants only. Unfortunatly at this time we can not accept Agency (NDIA) managed clients.

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