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"Kimmy the Kids Physio" - Paediatric Physiotherapist

"Kimmy the Kids Physio" - Paediatric Physiotherapist

I am a Paediatric Physio who has worked purely with children with disabilities my entire career. It's a specialty area that I am extremely passionate about. I have experience with very complex, and very rare conditions (see exact conditions I've treated under the services tab). My approach is unique, challenging and rewarding. Together we push the boundaries, try new things, and celebrate the good. I encourage therapy breaks and community inclusion. I can't stress enough the importance of having time to just be a parent, just be a kid, build your community supports, and enjoy your family time together outside of therapy.

I am also passionate about giving back to the world, and community. I have now done two trips overseas where I worked with children in Orphanages as a volunteer - in Vietnam and South Africa. I believe that everyone deserves access to therapy, regardless of your financial situation. So please don't hesitate to reach out if you can't afford my rates. I can work with you and your budget.

When I am not at work I am often enjoying the outdoors. I love hiking, beach days, camping, and travelling (ask me about my 3 month backpacking adventure).

Kimberly Fischer
Doctor of Physiotherapy-Bond University CME Level 2 - (Trained by Simona DeMarchi)

Revleen - Exercise Physiologist

Revleen - Exercise Physiologist

I'm Revleen, an experienced Exercise Physiologist who brings passion and positivity to everything I do! With over 6 years of experience, 4 of those working with children, I'm on a mission to make a difference in the lives of young ones. Specialising in neurological conditions, I am dedicated to facilitating positive functional outcomes in every child I work with.

When I'm not working, I'm running outdoors, exploring new brunch spots, diving into a good book, or capturing life's moments in my journal.

Revleen Sanchez
Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology with Distinction - Queensland University of Technology

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